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Individual XML validation result now placed on correct Doms item.

Cleaned ValidateXMLMain stream processing.

Ingester and VeraPDF tool now compiles with IdValue and ToolResultsReport.

SNAPSHOT: Reworking Mains to work with IdValue.

Added flatMap(v->..) and flatMap((id,v) -> ...) to IdValue.

SNAPSHOT: Revising ToolResult usage. Project does not compile.

Moved IdValue into dpa-api to be available everywhere.

Now named IdValue. of -> map and added create/filter

ContextValue -> StreamIdValue - plus test case.

Experimental ContextValue to test if key-value pairs make streams easier.

Let Netbeans remove unused imports.

Upgraded Maven compiler plugin to 3.7.0.

sbproject-parent module path was incorrect. Was not caught in original commit.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/DPA-122' into DPA-122

VeraPDF file leak claimed fixed in version 1.9.50.

Initial try with Java 9. Appears Vaadin breaks :-/

Copied in newspaper-parent-1.5 and sbutils-parent-18 to avoid dependency on sbforge nexus.

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Work found on dla_mac

DomsEvent was not used but raw fields. Refactored to fix.

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SNAPSHOT: Preparing to rewrite events storing to use DomsEvent.

SNAPSHOT: Rewrote ValidateXMLMain to Either and ToolResultsReport

SNAPSHOT: Replaced all usages of ToolCompletedResult with existing ToolResult class.

SNAPSHOT: Moved ToolResultTest with friends in the Doms module as ToolResult already lived here.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/DPA-122' into DPA-122

SNAPSHOT: Beginning to rewrite Try to Either to work around Streams not being able to handle tuples.

dpa-verapdf: Humanly readable message changed slightly.

DPA-122: initial write-up on experiences on how to separate configuration from code when deploying.

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javaslang -> vavr project rename (which provides Try).

DPA-122: verapdf autonomous component crashes if verapdf throws exception