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SNAPSHOT: Trying to refactor ToolsResultsReport

SNAPSHOT: Refactoring to make Ingester error reporting more robust

SNAPSHOT: Moved nested lambdas into own functions to do ToolResult->Either refactoring.

SNAPSHOT: Ingester - 1) hasParts-bug, 2) Be much more robust using Either+IdValue.

DPA-123: HasPart relations not created if any error happened earlier in ingest.

ABR found (default) IP-number of host as seen from docker instance.

PDFAValidator must be closed after being used.

DPA-124: Create VeraPDF validate web service in docker.

Merge branch 'DPA-122' (which needed a _lot_ of work before it was ready)

DPA-122 was about VeraPDF not being robust. This boiled down to

recognizing the worth of first Either to hold one of two possible

situations, and then the need to create IdValue (with DomsValue) to

be able to emulate returning tuples from functions. Also

some initial docker-compose work (with ABR) is included. Initial

Java 9 support (Vaadin missing).

Made ValidateXMLMain and VeraPDFInvokeMain more robust against errors.

Made a /usr/bin/zip which satisfies the only usage in

Dockerized Fedora answers with default basic objects.

We now have Fedora answering to web interface. Next step will be

to ingest base objects the first time DOMS starts. Next next step will be to

set SBOI up correctly. Two things may have to be fixed:

1) needs zip which is not in the image.

2) log4j configuration files send error messages to - should be disabled instead.

Initial DOMS dockerization (TRA+ABR). Postgres image most likely finished.

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Use 1.26 release version of doms-installer and disable outdated check.

Uncaught failing test.

Merge branch 'DPA-122-snapshot' into DPA-122

Cleaned up IdValue, IdValueTest and ValidateXMLMain.

Individual XML validation result now placed on correct Doms item.

Cleaned ValidateXMLMain stream processing.

Ingester and VeraPDF tool now compiles with IdValue and ToolResultsReport.

SNAPSHOT: Reworking Mains to work with IdValue.

Added flatMap(v->..) and flatMap((id,v) -> ...) to IdValue.

SNAPSHOT: Revising ToolResult usage. Project does not compile.

Moved IdValue into dpa-api to be available everywhere.

Now named IdValue. of -> map and added create/filter

ContextValue -> StreamIdValue - plus test case.

Experimental ContextValue to test if key-value pairs make streams easier.

Let Netbeans remove unused imports.

Upgraded Maven compiler plugin to 3.7.0.