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Added and fixed drop in hbase-phoenix ddl.

Added some more unittest. changed da language rule to higher than 0.99 instead of 0.95

Update of automatic-workflow scripts

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Removing cronjobs from their old location

Restructuring the folder for webdanica-cronjobs

Send admin mail whenever workflow has crashed

Implemented new curator LIKELY_DK danish codes (WEBDAN-213)

Fixes for WEBDAN-209 and WEBDAN-210

Various updates to harvestWorkflow and GUI

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Added a setting for max time to wait for a harvest, and started on improving the domain page

Fixed various bugs - finished the SynchronizeCrawlertraps tool

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Add reports field to table 'harvests' and remove fields 'seed_report', and 'crawllog'

Removed NPE when showing domain details

Improvement of domain page - disabling of harvestdefinition after job is finished

Added continuous logging to loadSeeds tool

Merge pull request #5 from blekinge/betterErrorHandling

Ændringer til bedre exception håndtering i loadSeeds

Merge branch 'master' of into betterErrorHandling

# Conflicts:

# webdanica-core/src/main/java/dk/kb/webdanica/core/tools/

Rework of exception handling starting with loadSeeds and moving towards the DAOs

Implemented WEBDAN-205

Bumped version to 1.1-RC5 - added errors.log to LoadSeeds, and added missing fields to seeds table: exported and exported_time

Added the latest script to create the statecache table

Work on WEBDAN-165 - improved the logging

Add comments to the crontab defaults

Added reasonable default schedules for the filtering wf (every 10 mins), and cacheupdate wf (every 15 mins)

Only run filtering according to crontab

Finish work on WEBDAN-196

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Work on WEBDAN-196 - changed the SeedsResource to use the statecache

Work on WEBDAN-169 - implemented most of the cache code now - and the matching update workflow

Adding script for creating statecache (WEBDAN-196)

Making an 1.1-RC2 build

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