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Additional improvements to the test tools - NAS-2672

NAS-2672 - Finished implementing FTPValidator, and added two other tools: MailValidator and HarvestDatabaseValidator

NAS-2638: Handle script errors in Scripting/FrontierQueue by showing stacktrace on failure. SLF4J/Logback currently not included in the assembled webapp.

NAS-2672 - Inital work on the FTPValidator

Fixing the fix. Erhm :)

Fix of synchronized-bug

More fix of logging for debugging.

NAS-2638: Merge and fix of NAS-2642. Edited some buttons and removed tomcat articats from WEB-INF/lib directory.

Removed H1 support from Netarchivesuite

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Another fix of logging for debugging.

Fix of logging for debugging.

NAS-2638: Moved menu generation to template builder wrapper. Improved config by catching exception for invalid regexes.

Inserted logging for debugging.

Added fix for NAS-2676 - corrected the metadata file pattern

NAS-2638: Tweaked zip artifact directory structure.

Removed duplicate dependency 'javax.inject' in pom.xml

Removed duplicate dependency 'javax.inject' in pom.xml

NAS-2638: Had to change the dependencies to include more since everything is mixed together.

Factoring code out of the jsp, to be able to place breakpoints in the code for debugging

Fixed case-sensitive hostname!!!

Fixed case-sensitive hostname!!!

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

Changed bitarkiv 015 to 01 in test setup

Changed bitarkiv 015 to 01 in test setup

NAS-2642: Ready for review

NAS-2642: Changed the groovy script to accept three parameters

NAS-2642: Both frontier and crawllog now uses same method to find the number of lines which the user has typed that a page can contain

NAS-2642: Pagesize will now no longer change to default when another page is selected

NAS-2642: Default pagesize of 100 is no longer assigned every time a differnet page is selected

NAS-2642: Crawllog gave an excep so going back to the old code