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Merge branch 'master' into NAS-2792

Tidying up of presumed-functioning system test.

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Fixed an issue with deactivation on shutdown.

Deactivated failing cleanup method.

Consistent dependencies for selenium and htmlunit.

Fixed a broken dependency-

SystemTest now functioning locally after commenting out a few problem cases.

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Hack to enable enable/disable javascript per test

Disabled javascipt in htmlunit

Removed download that doesn't work in htmlunit.

Added "http://" to base url.

Upgraded commons-io to match selenium dependency

added class for htmlUnitSelenium driver to system test

Also removed old jcl-over-slf4j binding

Excluded conflicting binding from assembly.

Excluded conflicting binding from import.

Update heritrix to snapshot version

Removed debugging funtionality and fixed documentation.

Removed risky space in crawl annotation.

Replaced orderxml with one similar to that in the release test package.

Added heritrix queue name as an annotation in crawl log.

Make sure that "replacement" template in system test uses our NAS queue assignment policy.

Missing placeholder in list to be removed

Quick experiment with adding queuename to crawl log.

Added the two new HaCos to the expected application set

Added timestamp to SystemTest logfile.

Added umbra beans to template uploaded in SystemTest.


Redirect output for debugging

Code Review follow-ups