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NAS-2683 - finished cleanup of the code, plus corrected documentation for pages 'Definitions-add-event-seeds.jsp' and 'Definitions-edit-selective-harvest.jsp'

NAS-2683 - most of the cleanup is done. If multipart, harvestName must be taken from the attributeMap filled up in EventHarvestUtils.processMultidataForm() method

NAS-2683 - it finally seems to work with the seeds coming from a filegit add harvester/harvester-core/src/main/java/dk/netarkivet/harvester/webinterface/ & Some cleanup of the code is still needed

Fixed logging issue mentioned in NAS-2695

NAS-2614 - add possibility of check of queue-size before submitting to the queue. This feature is only used if setting settings.harvester.schedule.limitSubmittedJobsInQueue is enabled. It is false by default

Add better logging during upload in the postprocessing phase

Patch for NAS-2678 - Don't throw NullPointerException if harvestInfo data not available

Merge branch 'NAS-2694'

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into NAS-2694

# Conflicts:

# deploy/distribution/src/main/assembly/distribution.xml

Fix to NAS-2694

Changed NAS dependencies in history gui to "provided", as in the other wars (except the new REST-api)

Add some documentation to Harveststatus-running.jsp page

Supplement the fix for NAS-2409 - close down the harvesterController at once when it is started instead of after a single harvest

Logging during loading of Site Section

More logging.

Added logging for nav tree generation.

Moved Running Job Details back to visible.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

Work on NAS-2614

Add tool for testing new regexp - NAS-2690

Upgraded logback

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

Upgraded logback dependency

NAS-2688 - skip empty lines in the inputfile

Byterange was 1 byte to long. Job list does not call h3mon.init() any more, potential for long delay.

Setting artifact names back to previous values, at least for now,

Trying to clean up build issue with duplicate jars.

Added patch for NAS-2690 /NARK-1212