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Merge in Nicholas Clarke's latest changes; add release notes to resources directory
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Followup on review.

Switched some of the arc unit tests due to a bug fix in jwat-arc.

Added a strictness configuration for URI validation.

Switched to JWAT-1.0.0.

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Added unit tests for ARC, WARC and GZip modules. Minor bug fixes also included.
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#155 change added to updated script files.

Completed location unaware env.cmd and jhove2[_debug].cmd invocation support.

Changed File ident module to only initialize upon use.

#155 fix restored.

File module will only initialize upon use.

Location unaware env.cmd and jhove2.cmd completed.

Issue #173, Issue #174, Issue #175 displayer properties files for Arc, Gzip, and Warc modules
Additional javadoc comments for Source and Module;

Update ArcModule and WarcModule to use this.getParentSource().deleteModule(this)

instead of setting ParentSourceID to null

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Use path name for open-sp that is used in User guide;

Comment out beans for new File-based File identifier --

Execution breaks if you leave it in and you don't have File installed on your machine

Issue #165, Issue #166 plus some merge cleanup plus 2 compile-break fixes to

Nick's code caused by changes in persistence lib after he created his code

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Issue #163 change so that spring-test-2.5.6.jar is included in distro;

also update JHOVE2 version to 2.1.0

Issue #153 TiffModule never reports validity true
Issue #143 Issue #126 plus other detected missing messages

added to "production" and 'test' versions jhove2_messages.properties

Issue #162 and Issue #132
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Issue #161, Issue #148

SpringConfigInfo constructor has to take more care in resetting CLASSPATH and thereby

resetting context -- otherwise BDB, when marshalling and unmarshalling,

keeps resetting context to null -- very time-expensive!!

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Get the trailing comma out of the list of location paths
Issue #125
Issue #130 default will be to use java.io.tmpdir as directory for BDB
Issues #148, #160, #161
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Fixed offset of GZip'ed ARC/WARC record.
GZip, ARC and WARC module should delete temp files according to config now.

Added missing XSLDisplay module and util classes.

Review changes and pom change to get the XSL display module working.
ISSUE #146 Typo in DROID Signature File

ISSUE #128 Wrong repo in POM.XML

ISSUE #140 Type in otherFormats.config.xml

ISSUE #134 duplicate module output

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Changed GzipEntryProperty Date to LastModified.
ArcRecordNumber changed to not included VersionBlock. GZipEntryData now copies date field from GzipEntry.

JWAT includes better handling of "-" values. Added another message to ARC, WARC and GZip.

Added BnF script changes to allow jhove2.sh to be called from anywhere. (From Thomas Ledoux/BnF)

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Added LastModified to ARC, WARC and GZip files.

Added startOffset to ARC and WARC. Only correct for uncompressed archives.

Added missing ARC, WARC and GZip messages.

ARC Module was changed to not show and characterize filedesc version blocks with no metadata.

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Copied message properties from ARC to GZip. Changed and added some reportable properties to GZip Module.
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Fixed some configuration issues so the FileModule identification now works with ARC.
Switched GZip reader and everything seems to work except the startOffset property. Minor code cleanup in ARC/WARC/GZip modules.
Added filename and file size properties to GZipModule.
Updated to latest JWAT snapshot.

Now also includes filename, filesize and version information for ARC/WARC files.

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