Merge branch 'weekday_fix_2'

Merging branch into master

Handle multiple DeliveryPatterns

Modifying delivery-pattern for new pattern

fixing icons for UI

fix switching in deliverypattern

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better md5sum stream reader with better closing responsibility. Should work the same

javadoc to IngesterMain

DatePanel shorter tooltips

Fixing icon when the newspapertitle is unknown

Keeping icons, but adding description

Fixed WeekDayAnalyze to use enums and read from doms

NAS-2791: Add delay to show number of URL deleted

Fixed a merge compilation error.

Merge branch 'master' into h3-monitor

Fixed some bad settings paths. Show more configuration on index page.

NAS 2792: Show job infos when status is CRAWLER_EMPTY

Fixed DeliveryPattern read from file and correct json output

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deployalble package final name: is now of the form dpa_${timestamp}_${git.branch}_${git.commit.id.abbrev} where timestamp is the ISO formattet timestamp denoting the build time. An example filename would thus be dpa_20180725T142827Z_master_52d1b7.tar.gz

Fix jq path

Merge branch 'master' into release

ssh-with-vagrant-port-forwarding.sh: Also forwarded port 61616 as bitrepo needs it to run

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Store exported metadata and transformed metadata in two different directories

Use same log file in runUpload.sh as in daily_extract.sh

Add function for cleaning up log folder

Installation guide: Changed DeliveryPattern install instructions, to what MMJ meant (hopefully)

Vagrant: 10GB for box to give verapdf more space.

This might make it more stable, as it had problems at 6GB

Add logging (instead of writing to stdout) + refactoring

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Write unknown channel warning to stdout