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  • Newspaper-prompt-doms-ingester - Release 1.4
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This an autonomous component responsible for ingesting the metadata from a newly-uploaded batch-run into DOMS tree-structure, as described here.

The release is downloadable at

On unpacking the tar-archive, the release is structured as


├── bin
│   └──
├── conf
│   ├──
│   └── logback.xml
└── lib
    ├── authchecker-authutils-1.0.1.jar
    ├── autonomous-component-1.8.jar
    ├── batch-event-framework-common-1.8.jar



The file can be used as a sample of how the component can be started from a cron-job.

As with all autonomous components, the component takes a single command-line argument which is the path to a properties file containing the configuration. The Newspaper-prompt-doms-ingester uses only the common properties for autonomous components. In addition, there should be a logback configuration file present on the classpath or configured as a system property.

The following properties should be set to values specific for this component:






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