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JPEG2000 checks

Checks of the JPEG2000 files implemented by "sb-jp2.sch" schematron file. The checks are as specified in the contract appendix 2B

  • Encoding: Done
  • File format: Done
  • Colour space and depth: Done
  • Transformation/compression: Done
  • Decomposition levels: Done
  • Quality layers: Done
  • Progression order: Done
  • Tile size: Done
  • Code-block size: Done
  • Precincts: Done
  • Embedded metadata: Done (currently disabled, due to faulty test data, and it's unknown how they can be fixed)
  • Coder bypass mode: Done
  • Tile-length markers (TLM): Not implemented
  • Start of Packet (SOP) markers: Done
  • End of Packet header (EPH) markers: Done
  • Segmentation symbols: Done
  • Regions of interest (ROI): Not implemented


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