Batch Description

A sample batch for testing purposes can be found here: (internal link, sorry)


Max-size for a batch: 1,05 TB

Calculations below:

From the contract

Each reel storage box contains one reel.

Each carton contains UP TO 15 storage boxes.

One carton is equivalent to one batch.

The pilot phase shall cover 20 batches.

From Martin Lund

(note: 1 microfilm picture = 2 newspaper pages)

 On average, 500 microfilm pictures per reel. There are large variations, however. There can be as few as 100 pictures on certain old reels, and upwards of 1400 pictures on newer reels with pictures of newspapers in tabloid format.

So, per batch:

Min: 15*100*2 = 3000 Single newspaper pages (ie. single jpeg2000 files)

Avg: 15*500*2 = 15000 Single newspaper pages (ie. single jpeg2000 files)

Max: 15*1400*2 = 42000 Single newspaper pages (ie. single jpeg2000 files) 


Of the jpeg2000 files we have currently seen, most are in the size range of 5-25 MB.

jp2-files: 42000 * 25 MB = 1,05 TB (max)

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