This is the design documentation for autonomous components that trigger on non-newspaper batches

The concept of a Batch is anything kind of object, which tracks events and which autonomous components can trigger on. The Newspaper Batch is a kind of object having these properties as representing a package of scanned newspapers.

Each Batch must have an EVENTS datastream.

In the SBOI Index, these fields will be indexed for each Batch


idThe id of the batch, ie. B44000..-RT2 or edition name
doms_uuidThe doms pid of the corresponding record
doms_typerepeatable. The doms content models
success_eventrepeatable. The successful events in the history of this batch
fail_eventrepeatable. The failed events in the history of this batch
initial_dateThe creation timestamp of this batch.
last_modifiedThe timestamp of the last modification, however you define this, of this batch
timestampFor<eventName>The (latest) timestamp for the event of the given name


An Autonomous Component will be configured with these properties

pastSuccessfulEventsApplicable batches must have these events as success
pastFailedEventsApplicable batches must have these events as failure
futureEventsApplicable batches must not have these events
typesApplicable batches must have all these types
disallowedTypesApplicable batches mut not have these types
extra QueryAdditional query terms to add

For (normal) autonomous components working on newspaper batches, the extra query terms will not be used.

For components needing to trigger on objects that have changed since the last event of a given name, this extra query should be used

"last_modified > timestampFor<eventName>"

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