This page describes the Autonomous Component Harness. The Harness is a framework for easier creation of Autonomous Components


Outer Layer

The Outer Layer of the Harness handles the interaction with the SBOI. Given config parameters, it polls the SBOI for a specified event. When the task is complete, it writes an event and report back to DOMS. 

By abstracting this into a Layer, it should be possible to reconfigure the component to run in a radically different environment. This is necessary to make a system that Ninestars can run locally. 


Inner Layer

The Inner Layer of the Harness abstracts away the difference between a DOMS system and the file system. Using this layer, the component should be able to run seamlessly both directly on the batch structure and on the metadata structure in doms.


The Gooey Center

This is where the actual work of the component is done. For obvious reasons, this is not part of the harness.

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