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Note that this documentation is for the old 6.0 release.
For the newest documentation, please see the current release documentation.

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The BatchGUI is the user interface for executing NetarchiveSuite-wrapped batchjobs for performing datamining on the archive.
It is currently located under the Bitpreservation-sitesection of the web-interface for NetarchiveSuite.

To be able to access these batchjobs, the system must be aware of which batchjobs are available. This is done through the settings of the GUIApplication.
A batchjob for the BatchGUI is defined by the class of the batchjob and the jar-file where it is located, and it is defined in the settings file under settings.common, where the default is the following:


Note that the default batchjobs does not have any specified jarfile, since they are part of the common-module in NetarchiveSuite and thus available for every application.

For adding another batchjob, you just need to define the class of the batchjob and the path to the jar-file (from the installation directory).
E.g. if you have a batchjob for retrieving the mimetypes, which has the classpath batchprogs.Mimetypes are located in a jar-file called batch.jar located in the directory externals, then you add the following to the settings:


The example can be found here:

If any errors or typos are within this settings, the BatchGUI will inform you about the problem when you look at the page.


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