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The Edit Harvest Templates is used for managing the harvester templates (Heritrix 3 crawler-bean files with special placeholders for fields that are inserted by NetarchiveSuite). It features download and upload of templates, including the replacement of existing templates. In NetarchiveSuite, there is an option to allow the user to move templates between Active and Inactive states. If a template is in the Inactive state, then it cannot be selected when creating or editing a harvest. This feature is optional - whether or not it is available is determined by the configuration chosen by the System Administrator. The appearance of the Edit Harvest Templates page depends on whether or not this feature is available. If it is available the page looks like


Pressing the "Show Inactive" button does what you would expect:

You can then activate or deactivate any template, except for the Default Template, by clicking on the relevant link.

Download and Replace

In the upper panel, you can view, download, or replace an existing harvest template.

To view or download, simply choose the desired viewing option from the drop down next to the relevant template and press Retrieve.

To replace an existing template with a file from your local hard drive, use the Browse button in the same row as the relevant template to select the file on you hard drive, then click on the Replace harvesttemplate with file from your own harddrive button.

Uploading a New Template

To create a new template give the new template a name in the “Template Name” box and select a file from your local computer with Browse.

By pressing Create a new harvesttemplate using a file from your own harddrive you will add the new template with the given name to the database. New templates are always created in the state Active.


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