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Note that this documentation is for the old 5.2 release.
For the newest documentation, please see the current release documentation.

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This is a short primer to get a simple version of the NetarchiveSuite system up and running. Users with little technical knowledge can evaluate the software by installing it as described here.

It uses a pre-built script that starts all components on the same machine. This allows you to start experimenting with the functionality without having to do any more setup than absolutely necessary.

It should not require much technical skill to evaluate the system. What it does require is a computer running a Linux operating system and with sun java 8 or above installed. The installation is run from your user login, but it assumes that there exists a user called "test" on your machine and that an ssh server is installed so the you can execute "ssh test@localhost" from your command line. Ideally you should also have installed your public ssh key under the test user that the ssh process can proceed without having to enter the test-user's password multiple times.

Going through this quick start should take about an hour.

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