Note that the this documentation is for the old 5.1 release.
For the newest documentation, please see the current release documentation home.

This is a manual for installing the software in a distributed environment, including how to use the deploy software which makes it easy to configure and install the software. It requires some technical background to understand and use this manual.

This manual describes how to install the NetarchiveSuite web archive software package.

We first describe how to use the included deploy software to configure and install a distributed NetarchiveSuite installlation. The deploy software offers a way to gather settings for multiple machines in one configuration file, greatly simplifying the job of configuration and installation. This software generates the installation and start/stop scripts for a multiserver NetarchiveSuite system.

If you are hampered by any limitations in the deploy software, it is of course possible to make your own custom made installation scripts. An inspection of the scripts generated by the deploy software will probably help you in this respect.

For description of the configurations used for installation, please refer to the Configuration Manual


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