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Note that the this documentation is for the old 5.1 release.
For the newest documentation, please see the current release documentation home.

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It is possible, while a job is running, to access the Heritrix user interface on the harvester machine.
Start a browser on the harvestermachine and use the port specified, e.g. https://my.harvester.machine:8133. The port is defined by the setting settings.harvester.harvesting.heritrix.port.

A link to all the Heritrix guis currently-running jobs can also be found on the Running Jobs page.

Enter the administrator name e.g. "admin" and password e.g. "adminPassword" as set in the settings.harvester.harvesting.heritrix.adminName and in settings.harvester.harvesting.heritrix.adminPassword settings.

See in the Installation Manual how you change settings.


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