Note that the this documentation is for the old 5.0 release.
For the newest documentation, please see the [current release documentation].


The Status component of the NetarchiveSuite GUI uses JMX to communicate with all running applications which makes it easy to monitor a running NetarchiveSuite installation.This component gives you access to the 100 latest logmessages from the applications, and a proper errormessage, if any application is off-line.

If you want more information about the current status of a particular application, you can use the program ''jconsole''. To use this program you need to know on which machine the the application is running (MACHINE), the JMX port (JMX_PORT) and RMI port (RMI_PORT) assigned to the application instance, and password for the monitorRole (set in jmx.password file and settings settings.monitor.jmxUsername and settings.monitor.jmxPassword). Then you just write jconsole, and click on the 'advanced' tab, enter the URL.


When asked for username, enter monitorRole and the password set for the application. Log entries can now be examined for the given application instance by selecting MBeans, and unfolding the logging section. Furthermore you can examine the system resources allocated to any given application.



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