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Note that the this documentation is for the old 4.4 release.
For the newest documentation, please see the [current release documentation].

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The Systemstate pages lets the operator monitor the entire system (all machines and applications) from one central point.

The initial view displays all the deployed applications.

The listed applications can be filtered to only show a selected “Machine” / “Application” / “Instance id” / “Channel” / “Use Replica” by clicking the relevant link in the table. The filter can be deactivated for a given column by clicking the show all link in the column header.

Initially only the lasted log message (index 0) is show in the right column, but this can be expanded to show the last 100 messages for each listed application by clicking the show all link in the index column header.

It is possible to remove an application from the system. Be careful about this feature, because removing a running application, will make it disappear. The new column and button is added to the right: Remove Application

If you load this page just while a harvester instance is restarting you might get a JMX-error. The same thing will happen if one of the configured applications does not run or does not respond. So the system state will in some sense also discover non functional applications.



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