Note that the this documentation is for the old 4.4 release.
For the newest documentation, please see the [current release documentation].

On the Snapshot Harvests page new snapshot harvests are started, harvesting all domains known to the system in their default configurations. An overview of all snapshot harvests is also provided.

The link Create new harvestdefinition opens the template below.

Creating/editing a snapshot harvest

This page is used to define name and size (max. bytes per domain and/or max objects per domain ) of the harvest.  The default object limit for harvests if using object limits rather than bytelimits is -1 (-1 here meaning unlimited).

It is recommended to systematize the naming for clarity, e.g. 2007-1, 2007-2 etc.

The size of the harvest can be defined in two ways: at the harvest definition Snapshot Harvests or at the configuration of the single domain. It will always be the lower size limit stopping the harvesting of a domain.

Comments can be added freely.

Snapshot harvests can be based on previous snapshots in the sense that it can be limited to only harvest domains that hit the max number of bytes limit in a previous harvest.

The domains completely finished (not hitting the max number of bytes limit – either on the configuration level or on the snapshot harvest level) in the first harvest will not be included in the second. Domains included in harvests which were aborted through the Heritrix GUI or otherwise stopped uncleanly (for example by a crash of a harvester machine) will also not be included.

All other domains will be harvested from the beginning in the second harvest.

Save saves the harvest definition and returns to Snapshot harvests.

After defining a snapshot harvest the harvest is activated with the Activate button on the snapshot frontpage. Harvest will not start until you press Activate. Status then changes to ‘Active’.

Deactivate is not relevant in Snapshot Harvests because they only run once. By Edit the Snapshot Definition can be changed but only before activation. Parameters changeable are size, commentary and if previous harvest start point should be used. The name can not be changed.

History provides an overview of the specific harvest: see Harvest History



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