Note that the this documentation is for the old 4.4 release.
For the newest documentation, please see the [current release documentation].

Quality assurance is done by browsing the archive for selected domains. If something is missing on the pages the system can be set to automatically collect all the missing URL’s for later transfer to the harvesting system. Before doing Quality Control you need to setup your browser to use a proxyserver (see Quick Start Manual)

It is suitable to investigate one domain at a time (unless several domains are included in the same website-complex).

Start collecting URL’s Hereby starts the collection of URL’s. The Current Viewerproxy status textbox shows if the system collects URL’s or not – and how many URL’s are currently collected.''

Stop collecting URL’s Collection of URL’s can be stopped at any time.''

Clear collected URL’s The list of URL’s can be cleared at any time e.g. when investigating a new domain starts. NB! This function can not be undone.

Show collected URL’s The list of URL’s can be viewed at any time. The list can be copied and manually be added to relevant Seed lists for the relevant domains in the harvesting system.



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