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The Systemstate pages lets the operator monitor the entire system (all machines and applications) from one central point.

The initial view is the last log-message from every machine and every application.

This can be narrowed down to single “Machine” / “Application” / “Instance id” / “Priority” / “Use Replica” and extended to not only show the last log-message but the last 100 log-messages (don't do that for the initial view of everything).

To narrow the view press either of the links on the page – when narrowed the view can be extended again with the Show all buttons that will dynamically appear in the headlines of the table.

It is from 3.10 also possible to remove an application from the system. Be careful about this feature, because removing a running application, will make it disappear. The new column and button is added to the right: Remove Application

The following is a view of one harvester instance on one specific machine (narrowed down by application):

If you load this page just while a harvester instance is restarting you might get a JMX-error. The same thing will happen if one of the configured applications does not run or does not respond. So the system state will in some sense also discover non functional applications.

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