This is a manual for configuration of the software in a distributed environment. It requires some technical background to understand and use this manual.

This manual describes how to configure the NetarchiveSuite web archive software package. It includes a description of how configurations are set and how to configure use of plugins including how to set up different kinds of repositories.

The deploy software offers a way to make configurations gathered in a special configuration file, which ease the job of configuration. The Installation Manual includes a manual for use of the deploy module to set-up settings for a full distributed system via a configuration file. Using the deploy module will ease the configuration, installation and start/stop of the entire system.


The first part describes basics of configuration, how it works etc. The second part describes configurations of various items e.g. plug-ins, notifications. The third part introduces special deploy settings which works with the deploy module (referring to Installation Manual).

Note that use of the deploy module (see the Installation Manual) can ease the configuration and installation of !NetarchiveSuite considerably.

This manual does not explain how to install the system (see the Installation Manual for this), extend the functionality of the system (see the development project), or how to use the running system (see the User Manual for this).


The intended audience of this manual is system administrators who will be responsible for the actual setup of !NetarchiveSuite as well as technical personnel responsible for the proper operation of NetarchiveSuite. Some familiarity with XML and Java is an advantage in understanding this manual.

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