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The Wayback installation under NetarchiveSuite is only tested on a pc installed with linux and in ProxyReplay mode. Other modes should work, but no guaranties are given.

H3. Requirements
The following applications should be running and reachable from the machine running Tomcat with Wayback web application.

  1. JMS server.
  2. FTP server.
  3. Archive (eg. Standalone archive given in ./conf/wayback/standalone_archive.xml). The needed applications from NetarchiveSuite is BitarchiveApplication, BitarchiveMonitorApplication, ArcRepositoryApplication. The NetarchveSuite version should be newer than 3.10.
    This setup has been tested with Tomcat (6.0.20).

When configuring Wayback to work with NetarchiveSuite, the above services is needed, furthermore it is needed to have a full source package of the NetarchiveSuite and an installation of ant, it has been tested with 1.7.1.

H3. Configuration
The two configuration files that should be modified are located in ./conf/wayback/ in the NetarchiveSuite full source package. The files are named CDXCollection.xml and wayback.xml.

H4. wayback.xml
In this config file there are multiple settings that should be changed to fit your setup, to make the system run correctly:

wayback.basedir=/tmp/wayback - The web application should have read and write access to this directory.

The port should be specified in the following three lines, and be available (i.e. not yet already used by another application).

  • <bean name="8080:wayback" class="org.archive.wayback.webapp.AccessPoint">
  • <property name="replayURIPrefix" value=""/>
  • <bean name="8090" parent="8080:wayback">
    H4. CDXCollection.xml
    This configuration file describes where Wayback finds its CDX files (i.e indices of the ARC/WARC files).

In this file it should only be necessary to change the following path to point a local CDX collection.


H3. Compiling Tomcat target
This can be done from the NetarchiveSuite root directory. By running the command ant -file warfile, this produces a ROOT.war file in the NetarchiveSuite root director, and this ROOT.war file should be copied to* $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/*.

Tomcat should furthermore have access to a settings.xml file, see below. This can be done by adding the following line to $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/ just after the first line.

*CATALINA_OPTS='-Ddk.netarkivet.settings.file=$TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/settings.xml' *

This setting file is a NetarchiveSuite settings.xml file, and only includes the common and wayback sections.

The following settings should be modified to fit the local installation.

Change the following to match the FTP settings on the system.

            <-- TODO: See user documentation for NetarchiveSuite
   . -->

Update the following mail settings


H3. Described elsewhere
It is outside the scope of this configuration guide to describe how to harvest a ARC/WARC file. It is also outside the scope of this guide to describe how to get import an ARC/WARC collection into Wayback by way of CDX-entries for each object in the collection.

Setting up NetarchiveSuite archive is described elsewhere and a sample setup file is given in the NetarchiveSuite source package.

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