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Note that this documentation is for the coming release
NetarchiveSuite 5.5.1
and is still work-in-progress.

For documentation on the released versions, please view the previous versions of the NetarchiveSuite documentation and select the relevant version.

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The fastest way to get started with NetarchiveSuite is to use the NAS Vagrant Quickstart. The latest Vagrant setup for NAS can be obtained by downloading the contents of the directory .

Using Vagrant

For those unfamiliar with Vagrant, first install vagrant itself as follows:

Then on command-line, change directory to the location of the downloaded Vagranfile and run the initialisation script e.g.


to run the latest release, or 

./ -bmaster

to run the latest bleeding-edge commit from github.

The output from the is written in the file vagrant-up-output.txt. At the end of the file you will find something like 

==> default: ----------------------------------------------------------------
==> default: You can TEST the NetarchiveSuite installation in a browser with:
==> default: http://vagrant-netarchivesuite:8074/HarvestDefinition/
==> default: This may only work once you've done the following:
==> default:    On this machine, add the following line:
==> default: vagrant-netarchivesuite
==> default:    To the file /etc/hosts

Just follow the instruction to add the vagrant host to /etc/hosts and you should have a fully-functioning NetarchiveSuite instance available at the specified url. 

To take down the running Vagrant virtual machine, do a 

vagrant destroy
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