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Note that this documentation is for the coming release
NetarchiveSuite 7.0
and is still work-in-progress.

For documentation on the released versions, please view the previous versions of the NetarchiveSuite documentation and select the relevant version.

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Extended fields are deprecated in NetarchiveSuite 5.0 and will be removed in a future version of the software.


Extended Fields are used to define individual fields for several entities. Extended field can be added to domains and harvest definitions.
These Fields can be used inside of the modify dialogs.

Before individual fields can be generated an extended field has to be generated first. To create a new field use "Extended Fields" in the Definitionsmenu.

Click on the "create extended field" link to create a new field for either domains or harvest configurations.

In the following "Edit Extend Field"-Dialog enter a name for this field. This field must not be empty. 

  • Optionally select a type for the field value. The available types are: String, Boolean, Number, Timestamp, Note, Selection. String is the default value.
  • It is possible to define a default value for the field.
  • It is also possible to define that a field is a mandatory field. 
  • Finally you can assign a sequence number for it. This number will be used for displaying the fields in desired order.

Type specifics


When defining a Number type extended field, it is possible to restrict the allowed numbers by defining a format string. See the DecimalNumber documentation for details on how to use this.


When defining a timestamp type extended field, it is possible to restrict the allowed string format by defining a format pattern. See the SimpleDateFormat documentation for details on how to use this.


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