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The tests which needs to run to ensure the system is ready for release

  • TEST1Test basic start and stop of selective-,event- and snapshot harvesting, scheduling and deduplication.
  • TEST2Test snapshot harvesting in detail and subsequent follow-up harvesting   
  • TEST 3ATest of the Bitpreservation functionality
  • TEST 4QA-1 (Secure viewerproxy, secure adm-machine, excludes, missing links, password-protected material, caching , index-generation)
  • TEST 5ATest the functioning of cron jobs for bitpreservation.
  • TEST5BTest normal functioning during addition of new bitarchive and broker restart.
  • TEST6 Robustness testResubmit jobs after restart, restart of failed jobs, upload of old files at harvester restart, scheduler skips old jobs. 
  • TEST 7The performance test on PROD data. This test is now largely automated. The following steps should be taken to confirm that the automatic test has run as expected.
  • TEST 9Check that the modularisation of the software allows for separate installation of the components.
  • TEST11ATest of upgrade, bitpreservation performance and security manager for batch jobs and allow third-party batch jobs to be submitted.
  • TEST11BStress test and crashtests of batch jobs and third-party batch jobs on 22 TB.
  • TEST12Test integration of NetarchiveSuite and Wayback
  • BNF sanity testDescribes the minimal sanity test as performed at BNF verifying the integrity of the NAS codebase.
  • ONB Sanity test
  • Profiling
  • HarvestJob
  • Setup DK test environmentDescribes how to configure a generic DK test environment.
  • One-sided Test
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