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The performance test on PROD data. This test is now largely automated. The following steps should be taken to confirm that the automatic test has run as expected.


  • Test functionality of latest software with existing production database
  • Test database schema upgrade procedures
  • Test consistency of database schemas (production, bundled)
  • Validate performance scaling with production database

1. Check Jenkins

Go to and check that the build is green and from a current release candidate.

2. Check the GUI

Go to . Check that the GUI is running.

3. Check Job Status for Failed Jobs

In the GUI:

  • View jobs with status "Failed". Choose the most recent 1000 jobs (Descending). Confirm that jobs which failed due to harvester failures or scheduler timeout have "Restart" and "Reject" buttons, while any that failed due to upload errors do not.

4. Validate GUI Performance

  • Check response times for all links in "Definitions" and "Harvest Status" site sections.
  • Check that in the Harvest Status section one can choose multiple values of status with both increasing and decreasing order with reasonable response times.
  • Note that the "Bitpreservation" section of the GUI responds rather sluggishly. Currently it takes 7 minutes to load (v4.4

5. Confirm Snapshot Harvest generation

  1. Go to the Snapshot Harvest definition page
  2. The most recent Snapshot Harvest should have a random six-character name. Click on its "history" link.
  3. Its start time should be recent (ie after the start time of the Jenkins job) and should it have generated somewhere over 200 jobs. (243 for the database in current use.)


pg_dump -s -U test test7_admindb

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