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In this page and subpages we detail the procedures for release testing


  • The overall preparation is continuously defined and implemented
  • Setting the exact successcriteria together with the developers for each implementation task
  • Preparing the release test description, data and platform for the releasetest


  • A reliable releasetest for all changes made in the actual iteration
  • A releasetest ready for execution just after the last iteration task is finished


  • The Test Coordinator


During the iteration the following task need to be performed by a proactive Testcoordinator (MSS):

  • The creation of the Wiki test release page happens soon after the start of the iteration. The simplest way of doing this is to copy the previous Release test reports.
  • The Test Coordinator will work together with the developer to decide who is responsible for implementing the releasetest.
  • Before the implementation of a task the deleloper defines how the release test can be implemented. Unit tests may be sufficient testing so that a proper release test is not necessary.
  • Accepted by the test coordinator.
  • The tests covers the need for each iteration. By development iterations - not production releases - the test focus is only on the code areas, that may be affected by the changes.
  • That documentation will be verified.
  • That each release test is checked as far as possible before the start of the release test
  • That there is clean up of the release test page for old test cases and bug test items.
  • That the time for preparation and execution of the release test is fair.
  • That the platform has sufficient capacity (disk space platforms ..)
  • That each test ready for execution is spread out to different testpeople


  • After the iteration has been started and tasks distributed by [[Process Role/Project Leader|project leader]]
  • Before [[Process/Code Freeze|code freeze]] within the iteration


  •  Component owners are responsible for testdata and sanity checks and for providing the test coordinator with a list of bugs fixes and a sanity check descriptions


  •  a reliable releasetest - just in time
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