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5.5 Release Date: 2018-12-04

Patch Fix "UmbraHookPatch"

This patch enables one to execute a script to cleanup an umbra instance before starting a new harvest on any umbra enabled harvester. The patch can be enabled by replacing the two (identical) jar-files heritrix3-controller-5.5.jar and netarchivesuite-heritrix3-controller.jar with the jarfile heritrix3-controller-UmbraHookPatch.jar and restarting the HarvestControllerApplication instance. The git-source for this path is commit acf5880a.

The settings for umbra in HarvestControllerApplication have an extra optional element 


The default value is "drain-queue" but this can be replaced with the path to a more sophisticated script - for example one that also restarts umbra. In tests we have used the following script to enable the specific python version under which umbra runs in the Netarkivet installation

#!/usr/bin/env bash
ulimit -c 0

source /opt/rh/rh-python36/enable


Summary of installation steps

  • Replace both jar files with the patched jar
  • Create the script you wish to use and make it executable
  • Modify the settings to point to the script
  • Restart the HarvestControllerApplication

Side effects

  • All script output is logged in the HarvestControllerApplication log
  • Remember that the default implementation "drain-queue" will empty the entire umbra input queue. So therefore it is highly inadvisable to have more than one HarvestControllerApplication using the same umbra instance
  • The call to execute the hook script is blocking, so heritrix will not start until the script ends

Highlights in 5.5

  • NetarchiveSuite now supports browser-based harvesting using Internet Archive Umbra
  • Improved stability in Heritrix MatchesRegexListDecideRule
  • Improved handling of queue-assignments in Heritrix

Upgrading From Previous NetarchiveSuite Releases

There are no special requirements involved in the upgrade. It should be sufficient to replace all .jar files in your installation lib directory with those from the new release, and replace the heritrix bundler zip-file on your HarvestController machines with the new bundler.

Enabling Umbra integration requires some reconfiguration. This is described in the documentation. Note that if enabling Umbra, you should define the new queue for Umbra jobs in the NetarchiveSuite GUI before you start any new HarvestController instances to listen to the queue. (See NAS-2794 - Getting issue details... STATUS  .)

Issues Resolved in Release 5.5

Key Summary Status

Most-recent updates for 5.5:
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