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5.3.1 Release Date: 2017-06-08

5.3 Release Date: 2017-03-10


Highlights in 5.3.1

  • More stable H3 remote access module (with added internationalization of the page title)
  • Refactoring of the harvest job-postprocessing code and added heritrix3/bin, heritrix3/extras and heritrix3/lib  to the directories deleted when postprocessing is done

Highlights in 5.3

  • The Heritrix 3 Remote Access interface introduced in NAS 5.2 has been extended with new functionality for managing Quotas and RejectRules on running jobs, as well as many minor improvements to the layout and usability.
  • In addition there are many small improvements and bugfixes. See the list below.


Issue resolved in release 5.3.1

T Summary Status

Issues resolved in release 5.3

T Summary Status


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