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Planned release 5.9.2012.


Support for WARC harvesting, processing and access. To enable WARC-writing in NAS, which is by default disabled, you need to do the following:

  • Override in your deployment configuration "settings"settings.harvester.harvesting.metadata.metadataFormat" with "warc",
  • Override in your deployment configuration "settings.harvester.harvesting.heritrix.archiveFormat" with "warc".
  • Make sure that that the templates, you are using, contains the WARCWriterProcessor. On how to do this, see NAS-1958. You can just add the WARCWriterProcessor. You don't need the remove ARCWriterProcessor. If the ARCWriterProcessor exists in the template, this processor will just be disabled when Netarchivesuite runs Heritrix in warc-mode.


Harvester DB
  • The creationdate field has been added to the Job table.

To update the databases use the (See Additional Tools Manual).

Full list of issues resolved in this release.

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Known issues

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