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Verifies that files lost in a replica can be restored correctly.


A number of Jobs has been run creating content in the archive.

Delete files on replicaA

  1. Login in as netarkdv

    $ ssh
  2. Set the TESTX variable:

    $ export TESTX=XXXX
  3. Delete all files in the replica:

    $ ${TESTX}/conf/
    $ rm -rf /netarkiv/0001/netarkdv/${TESTX}/filedir/* 
    $ rm -rf /netarkiv/0002/netarkdv/${TESTX}/filedir/* 
    $ ${TESTX}/conf/

Verify Bitpreservation behaviour 

  1. Go to
  2. Select Bitpreservation
  3. Click Update filestatus for all replicas.
  4. FileStatus for the replicaA show a missing file number corresponding to the missing files.
  5. FileStatus for the the other replicas should show no missing files.
  6. Select Show missing files for ReplicaA. The deleted files should be listed.
  7. Set 'x' in the Change infobox for all files. All Get Info boxes should be selected.
  8. Click Execute. Verify all files now have detailed info.
  9. Set 'x' in Change all which can be added. All Add to archive boxes should be selected.
  10. Click on the Change infobox for all files and press Execute.
  11. Verify that the restored files are no longer listed as missing.
  12. Go to the FIleStatus page. Click all the Update status links.
  13. The status should now be that the files are present in all replicas and have OK checksums.
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