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cd /home/test/bitarkiv-create-testdata-scripts/upload_test
rm -r lib/*
cp -r /home/test/release_software_dist/TEST11B/lib/* lib/.
ssh kb-test-har-003 rm -rf UPLOAD-TEST
ssh kb-test-har-003 mkdir UPLOAD-TEST
scp -r * kb-test-har-003:/home/test/UPLOAD-TEST
ssh kb-test-har-003 "cd UPLOAD-TEST;./ 2"
ssh kb-test-har-003 ". /etc/profile;cd UPLOAD-TEST;./ > UPLOAD_1.out 2>&1  &"
ssh kb-test-har-003 ". /etc/profile;cd UPLOAD-TEST;./ > UPLOAD_2.out 2>&1  &"
ssh kb-test-har-004 rm -rf UPLOAD-TEST
ssh kb-test-har-004 mkdir UPLOAD-TEST
scp -r * kb-test-har-004:/home/test/UPLOAD-TEST
ssh kb-test-har-004 "cd UPLOAD-TEST;./ 2"
ssh kb-test-har-004 ". /etc/profile;cd UPLOAD-TEST;./ > UPLOAD_1.out 2>&1  &"
ssh kb-test-har-004 ". /etc/profile;cd UPLOAD-TEST;./ > UPLOAD_2.out 2>&1  &"
ssh netarkiv@sb-test-har-001 rm -rf UPLOAD-TEST
ssh netarkiv@sb-test-har-001 mkdir UPLOAD-TEST
scp -r * netarkiv@sb-test-har-001:/home/netarkiv/UPLOAD-TEST
ssh netarkiv@sb-test-har-001 "cd UPLOAD-TEST;./ 2"
#Husk at rette /home/test til /home/netarkiv i batch_UPLOAD_? via følgende kommando:
ssh netarkiv@sb-test-har-001 ". /etc/profile;cd UPLOAD-TEST;sed -i 's/\/home\/test/\/home\/netarkiv/' batch_UPLOAD_*"
ssh netarkiv@sb-test-har-001 ". /etc/profile;cd UPLOAD-TEST;./ > UPLOAD_1.out 2>&1  &"
ssh netarkiv@sb-test-har-001 ". /etc/profile;cd UPLOAD-TEST;./ > UPLOAD_2.out 2>&1  &"
#start also 10 or more batchprogs (e.g. jove batchjobs) which use a lot of io and memory ( see privious step)

scp the SendGetChecksumMessage.class from your local build to kb-test-adm-001. The spam the archive with 200 concurrent batch jobs per sec. using following command: 

ssh kb-test-adm-001
java -Xmx1536m -Ddk.netarkivet.settings.file=/home/test/TEST11B/conf/settings_ArcRepositoryApplication.xml -cp /home/test/TEST11B/lib/dk.netarkivet.archive.jar:. SendGetChecksumMessage KB 200
Control heap space og threads usage for the KB monitor
  1. login in to as user test. Run
ps -ef | grep TEST11B
  1. Find the procesnumber for the KB monitor apps 
  2. Start JConsole and select KB monitor procesnumber
  3. verify during some minutes, that heap space and number of threads are freed concurrently
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