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Release Test Information


Check that the Full Test Suite (Master) and System Test are both green.

Sanity test

Run right after code freeze to verify the system integrity prior to the main release test.







DONEColin Rosenthal5.4-RC1

NAS-2719 - Getting issue details... STATUS NAS-2720 - Getting issue details... STATUS The test description requires some cleanup of i) the expected results of the various harvests and ii) use of H3 Monitor where appropriate e.g. to terminate harvests. 

Regression tests








Run through the Quick Start Manual


NAS-2723 - Getting issue details... STATUS     NAS-2724 - Getting issue details... STATUS NAS-2725 - Getting issue details... STATUS NAS-2726 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The vagrant part of the Quickstart has not been tested

TEST0 - with vagrant

Run through the Quickstart with Vagrant

TEST0 - with postgresqlRun through the quickstart where we test the procedure for using NAS with postgresql (see page      Choose an Installation Scenario )OKSVC

createscripts and documentation has been updated

A quickstart deploy for postgresql has been added

Quickstart with postgresql


Allround test

Complete with errors.CSR

NAS-2729 - Getting issue details... STATUS

NAS-2730 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Database Bitpreservation


  NAS-2728 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Fixed old issue:  NAS-2078 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Danish ADM GUI Access, indexing and caching

OKSVC Made some changes to the test during the test. E.g. the multi-domain harvest only generates 4 jobs, not 5. Previously we used and for windows bitarchive servers. Now we use and instead







 After which I will take a look at as many of the bug-fixes/new-functionality issues as possible.



OK with errors JRG

Step "Verify the restarted system. On devel@kb-test-adm-001" part 1 gives a:

"Attempting to store file '23-metadata-1.warc.gz' with a different checksum than before". Needs follow-up.

Have made JIRA-issues of the remaining errors.


Production load job schedule database, adminDB and CS





Opensource modules

OK with errors


One part of the test uses /home/devel/devel-config/deployment-configs/default_deploy_config_harvester.xml

We need to

   1) Remove Bitpreservation sitesection from the GUI used;

   2) Avoid using obsolete h3-zip ( when deploying

  3) Update the 1-cache.tar.bz2. It is created with Lucene 2.X. NAS now only supports indices with Lucene 3.X (workaround: use empty cache created when IndexServer starts)

 4) Change the Viewerproxy test to use a freshly made index of a harvest

using a standard NAS installation. (we used instead of the, and a fresh index, that indexes the harvestdata in the 12-data dir)


We had to go kb-test-acs-001 to perform the two wget operations, otherwise the firewall blocked us

NAS-2734 - Getting issue details... STATUS NAS-2737 - Getting issue details... STATUS



OK with errors SVC

NAS-2738 - Getting issue details... STATUS NAS-2739 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The last step: Run UrlAndMimeSearch with argument 'image/.*' for mimetype and '.*kb\.dk/.*' for url. Verify that only images from the kb domain is listed.

failed to find any images at all. It could be because warcs are not supported by UrlAndMimeSearch batchjob


Batchjobprocessing stress test with external program


because of issue 3


Updated deploy_config_TEST11B.xml to use data from instead of machine which no longer exists.

baseFileDir's E:\bitarkiv, F:\bitarkiv, G:\bitarkiv, H:\bitarkiv, I:\bitarkiv, J:\bitarkiv  

are replaced with baseFileDir's E:\bitarchive_1, F:\bitarchive_2, G:\bitarchive_3, H:\bitarchive_4, I:\bitarchive_5, J:\bitarchive_6

Issue 1: (FIXED in test-description)

Default installation does not work with TEST11B.

We want the test to use existing data in bitarchive_X/filedir

But modifies the scripts to use bitarchive_X/TEST11B/filedir

where there is no data.

Issue 2: Description of Step "Update Checksum and FileStatus" doesn't make much sense

(this issue has been ignored for this test.)

Issue 3: path* does not exist

Have found the compiled scripts in

but we need to have the sourcecode for these


Wayback test


Rewriting to use the latest OpenWayback with https support 


BNF sanity test

Same as French UI test?

NAS-2731 - Getting issue details... STATUS NAS-2732 - Getting issue details... STATUS NAS-2733 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ONB Sanity test

German UI test



Test new functionality

(H3 Scripting features do not need to be tested as part of the NAS release test.)

Key Summary Assignee Component/s Status

Review of Documentation

NetarchiveSuite OverviewSVCDoneNo mention of H3 Remote Access module
Quick Start ManualKAAHDone

  NAS-2727 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Replaced the picture with a new snapshot

User ManualKAAHDone

NAS-2727 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Heritrix Control and GUI-console Access   (All Running Jobs page picture needs to be updated)

Installation ManualCSRDone I don't really like the state of this manual. It's very confusing and contains a considerable amount of material which should really be elsewhere. I don't how we can find time to give it the rewrite it needs.
Configuration ManualCSRDone 
System DesignSVCDone

 The manual now assumes that this link works:

Pages on JSP  is no longer correct, as we now have two competing standards for how to make server-pages

All links to javadoc was previously wrong:

The apidocs/release folder doesn't exist

All javadoc links now refer to

Harvester design page contained many factual errors, which are now fixed

Additional Tools Manual

KAAHDone FTPValidator and MailValidator are now added.
Migrating H1 templates to H3 to use with NetarchiveSuite 5.1+SVCDone 


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