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Agenda for the joint BNF, ONB, SB and KB NetarchiveSuite tele-conference 7th 2015, 13:00-14:00.

Practical information

  • TDC tele-conference:
    • Dial in number (+45) 70 26 50 45
    • Dial in code 9064479#
  • BridgeIT: BridgeIT conference will be available about 5 min. before start of meeting. The Bridgit url is The Bridgit password is sbview.


  • BNF: Sara and Lam
  • ONB: Michaela and Andreas
  • KB: Tue, Søren and Nicholas
  • SB: Colin, Sabine, Mikis, Ditte 


NAS 5.0 status:

  • SanityTest (TEST1) under way. When the test has finished and all critical bugs has been fixed, a NAS-5.0-BETA release will be made.

  • NAS 5.0-beta: End may.

  • NAS 5.0 release: After bugfixing and full release testing at Netarkivet, BnF og ONB: end June.


Summary from IIPC GA

Status of the production sites


  • Paraliamentary elections event crawl: the longer the prime minister waits with announcing the coming parliamentary elections the better we can prepare for the crawl. At the moment we are intensifying the preparation of crawling Facebook profiles (we both will crawl the web versions and the mobile versions – with the mobile version we can capture the comments) and twitter profiles.
  • Potential new event crawl: Aarhus is going to be cultural capital in 2017. A researcher proposed an event crawl. We monitor the living web: will there be enough extra activity that justifies an event crawl?
  • Statistics: We have two statistic working groups: one for the ISO statistics and one for the 10th anniversary statistics. Namely the last one is preparing material which is suitable for posters (graphical presentation)




  • Stage 1 of broad crawl is still running.
  • Eurovision Song Contest takes place next week. We are currently in the process of selecting seeds and setting up a crawl.
  • Two local elections take place end of May. Selecting seeds will begin shortly.
  • Andreas is on holiday until next week.
  • Michaela took over an interim department lead for the duration of the maternity leave of a colleague. Therefore, webarchiving tasks will be recuded to the minimum from May until October.

Next meeting

9th June

Any other business?




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