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This international seminar (Web Archiving: Perserving the History of Data-Driven Society) takes place on January 28th, 2015 in the main conference hall of National Library of Estonia (Tõnismägi 2, Tallinn).

Working language will be English and there will be expected about 80-100 attendees, mostly from Estonian memory institutions and universities but also web archiving specialists from other countries.

The seminar has three major goals:

  1. to promote and discuss new possibilities provided by Estonian Web Archive that arise with the archiving of national domain and making it accessible (big data for researchers);
  2. to gather people interested in web archiving and encouraging to join Web Archiving Working Group;
  3. to introduce the web archiving activity, it’s possibilities and problems to the general public in Estonia.

The seminar is aimed to

  1. Web archiving specialists from other countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark etc);
  2. Estonian researchers;
  3. members of the Web Archiving Working Group;
  4. students (informatics, information science, computer science, etc);
  5. people interested in web archiving (from libraries, museums, archives, universities, local government authorities);
  6. general Estonian public (through Radio, TV and press: some coverage and/or interviews).

The program consists three major topics: legislative issues, archiving and access.

Detailled program:

Participations from NAS community members:

1) From Print to Digital: Legal Deposit Principles and Legislative Aspects - Clément Oury (National Library of France)

2) Estonian Web Archive as a Source for Researchers of Today and Tomorrow - Jaanus Kõuts (National Library of Estonia)

3) The Document Cycle: from Selection to Access, New Curatorial Practices - Annick Le Follic (National Library of France) and Sabine Schostag (

4) Probing a Nation’s Web Domain: the Development of the Danish Web 2005-2015, preliminary results of the research project - Ditte Laursen (

5) Long and Winding Road to the Spanish Web Archive - Mar Pérez Morillo (National Library of Spain)


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