warc package



Most of the constants should be collected in this class, most of which are primarily for internal use.

ReaderFactory and Readers

  • WarcReaderFactory.java: This factory can be used to create the various types of readers with optional buffering. You can either get compressed or uncompressed readers. There are also methods which can auto-detect whether or not a compressed reader is required.
  • WarcReader.java: Abstract reader class which is the base for the all the readers. It also defines the options which can be set on a reader. Currently only digest options.
  • WarcReaderCompressed.java: A reader implementation for reading compressed records.
  • WarcReaderUncompressed.java: A reader implementation for reading uncompressed records.


This class contains the record parser, fields and validation.

Auxiliary classes

  • WarcHeaderLine.java: Reading a WARC header encapsulates each line in instances of this class.
  • WarcDateParser.java: Parses and validated an WARC date.
  • WarcDigest.java: Parses, validates and encapsulates a WARC digest header (algorithm, digest, encoding). The encoding is auto-detected and added later in the reading process.
  • WarcErrorType.java: Defines the different possible error types.
  • WarcValidationError.java: Defines an WARC validation error using a type, key and value.


  • WarcWriter.java: Abstract writer class which is the base for all the writers.
  • WarcWriterUncompressed.java: A writer implementation prototype.
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