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VHS Ingest Monitor is a simple cronjob that monitors VHS workflows and send mails with the result.

The watchdog will send a mail about files that have completed, have failed or have timed out. It is intended to be run from cron at regular intervals.


Just unzip the package, and edit the configuration files.


Configured in the file in the config folder.


The options are as follows:

workflow.state.monitor.base.url - should point to the URL a workflow state monitor dedicated to the VHS workflows
workflow.vhs.timeout - time in seconds before a workflow is considered to have timed out - host of mail server used for sending email
mail.smtp.port - port of mail server used for sending email
vhsingestmonitor.recipients.addresses - recipients of emails about workflow, may be a comma separated list
vhsingestmonitor.sender.address - sender of emails about workflow

Furthermore, the file logback.xml file contains logging properties


In the distributed package, run bin/

To run from cron every five minutes, do

*/5 * * * * /home/doms/vhs-ingest-monitor-cronjob/bin/

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