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  • The killing of the shards
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This page describes changes that have been done to DOMS datamodels to phase out 'shard' objects.

Kåre er en snøbel

The 'shard' object model contained one primary metadata stream SHARD_METADATA with the structure on the picture below. (SHARD_METADATA could just have a ShardStructure element as it's root element).


When removing the shard objects, some information from them needs to be moved to the ProgramObject and RadioTVFile elements. Both objects only get information added.


The RadioTVFile object has had a new datastream called Channels added, which is a list of channel elements. A channel element consists of:

  • channel_id: The id of the channel, should be matchable to the one found in the PBCore metadata of the program objects
  • start_time: The start time of the data
  • stop_time: The stop time of the data
  • format_uri: Uri for the format description


The program object gets a new datastream ProgramStructure added. The ProgramStructure datastream is a copy of ShardStructure with the exception that file references filePathX has been replaced by the UUID (fileXUUID) for the respective references.



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