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  • Test run of vhs ingest workflow
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The vhs ingest workflow is deployed and setup on "canopus" server under the "yousee" user.

The deployment consists of:

  • Test mpeg files ( located in ~/scratch/vhstestfiles/)
  • Workflow configuration (from sbproject git repository)
  • Workflow scripts and binaries (deployed as integration tests) 
  •   To redeploy, run "passwordlessKey=~/.ssh/<yourkey>_rsa mvn integration-test -P integrationtestProfile" (deploys and runs)


To run the workflow

cd vhs-ingest-workflow/services/workflow/

export VHSINGEST_HOME=~/vhs-ingest-workflow/services/workflow/

export VHSINGEST_WORKFLOW_CONFIG=~/vhs-ingest-config/youseeingestworkflow/

export VHSINGEST_CONFIG=~/vhs-ingest-config/


./bin/ "<pick a file from ~/scratch/vhstestfiles>" "<fill in the VHS casette label>" "<fill in start time>" "<fill in end time>"


./bin/ "/home/yousee/scratch/vhstestfiles/Deadline_18_2_2005_18_1.mpeg" "DR2 Deadline 2005-06-14" "2005-06-14T12:00:04" "2005-06-14T15:00:07"


While the workflow is running, you may follow progress in


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