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The following fields are available for searching (for Radio/TV collection):

author_corporation/ko - pbcore:publisher
author_main/po - pbcore:creator
author_normalised/lfo - pbcore:creator (normaliseret)
author_other - pbcore:contributor
author_person/pe - pbcore:creator
iso_date - pbcore:dateAvailableStart 2010-12-31
iso_time - pbcore:dateAvailableStart 23:59:59
iso_dateTime - pbcore:dateAvailableStart 2010-12-31T23:59:59+0100
lma_long/lma_lang/lma - radio/tv
lsubject/lsubj - pbcore:genre
lti - pbcore:title[titleType='titel']
main_title/ht - pbcore:title[titleType='titel']
no - pbcore:description,pbcore:formatAspectRatio,pbcore:formatColors,pbcore:alternativeModes,pbcore:pbcoreDateAvailable,pbcore:extension
py/år - pbcore:dateAvailableStart 2010
saeson_id - pbcore:extension[saeson_id:]
subject_other/uk/su - pbcore:genre
title/titel - pbcore:title[titleType!='titel']
year - pbcore:dateAvailableStart 2010,pbcore:dateCreated,

Furthermore, the following fields are available as shortcuts:

au/fo = author_corporation, author_main, author_other, author_person
ti = main_title, title


Search for programs broadcast between two given times:
iso_dateTime:[2010-12-31T00:00:00 TO 2010-12-31T23:59:59]
Search for title 'Radioavisen'
Search for programs with Dirch Passer
pe:(Dirch Passer)

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