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  • How to install DOMS-GUI for development on your machine
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How to install the DOMS GUI

Gui installations overview

1 Prepare a clean environment for the GUI

If a DOMS-GUI is already running, kill it. Do this by first checking:

ps ax | grep omcat

then doing a kill on any GUI tomcat already running. (Identify a GUI one by the fact that it has a path to the GUI installation)

2 Acquire resources  

Download gui in your prefered folder

cd <prefered-location>

3 Deploy server

Extract and setup testbed:

cd <prefered-location>


gedit guitestbed-0.1.0/bin/

In, configure port numbers and the port number of the fedora instance. I.e. set the right values for PORTRANGE, FEDORAPORTRANGE, and FEDORASERVERNAME. (Ranges are entered as the first two digits of the wanted four-digit port numbers)

Then pick the name you want for a directory containing the installation, and install:

guitestbed-0.1.0/bin/ <install-dir-name>


In a browser, open:


If you get a white screen, wait for a while

5 Profit 

Use your new server setup for fame and profit.

Alternately achieve world domination.

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