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SB Content Resolver Plugin


This module translates Streams with DOMS UUID's into file names in the content directory.


Tested on Wowza 4.0.3


Configuring Wowza

Configuration is done in the file 'conf/chaos/Application.xml' relative to the VHost path of the plugin (see Installation).
The file is based on 'examples/SimpleVideoStreaming/conf/vod/Application.xml' from the Wowza system directory. It must be updated with the following step:

Add the DOMS streaming module

        <Description>Statsbiblioteket Chaos content resolver module</Description>

Configuring plugin

Configuration is read from the file 'conf/chaos/' relative to the VHost path of the plugin (see Installation)

The following keys are used:

# Number of characters to use for splitting content into directories. Example: if this is 2, the file
# "hello.txt" will be in the path "h/e/hello.txt
# Pattern used for turning the content id into a file name. %s is replaced with the content id.
# Type used by ticket checker and content resolver for identifying content

Configuring logging

Logging is done at VHost level. Edit the file 'conf/' relative to the VHost path of the plugin (see Installation) to set the desired log levels.


Assuming a Wowza server installed in $WOWZADIR configured with a toplevel directory for a VHost called $VHOSTDIR, the following is needed:

Add the distributed JAR files to $VHOSTDIR/applications/lib
Create the directory $VHOSTDIR/conf/chaos
Place the configuration file in $VHOSTDIR/conf/chaos/
Place the application file in $VHOSTDIR/conf/chaos/Application.xml
Create the directory $VHOSTDIR/applications/chaos

(To use an external VHost dir, follow the instructions from section "Virtual Hosting")


In a browser, open the URL


(replace /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine with $WOWZADIR)

At server, type
At stream, type mp3:uuid:<doms-uuid>.mp3

Assuming that file for that uuid is available in the content directory of the VHost, the file should now start playing.

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