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Here you can find a listing of the terms used in Bitmagasinet and their definitions

  • AlarmAlarms can be raised by components encountering irregularities in the system.
  • Audit TrailsSee Get Audit Trails.
  • BitrepositoryContextA context for using a set of pillars to provide Bitrepository operations.
  • Checksum pillarA checksum pillar only contains the derived checksum of the original data/file. Storing a checksum does not make sense on its own, but it can provide one voter in a storage solution with bit integrity checks, but with less copies, and thus more economical.
  • ClientA component used for accessing other parts of a Bitrepository system, which can be started and stopped as needed.
  • CollectionThe files in a pillar are placed in separated collections.
  • CommunicationThe exchange of a single message, see also Primitive. Also used about message exchange in general.
  • ComponentA repository component is one of the distinct system parts.
  • ConversationA bitmagasin conversation is a sequence of messages implementing a specific operation.
  • DestinationDefines a destination message that producers can send messages to, and messages consumers can read messages from.
  • EpicA type of task used for long term planning, will typically be implemented through more operational task and subtasks
  • FileA file is a block of arbitrary information represented in bits. In connection with the bit repository a file is a data object with a unique file identifier which is placed and serviced in the bit repository system
  • Full copy pillarA full copy pillar for a Service Level Agreement is a pillar which only contain a full copy the original data/file (opposed to a Checksum pillar).
  • IterationIterations are short periodes of time (couple of weeks), where we finish a set of well-defined tasks
  • KBShort for Det Kongelige Bibliotek,  in english: The Royal Library
  • LogGeneral term for any log in form of system log, information logged from a client etc. See also Get Audit Trails or Get Status.
  • MilestoneA milestone in the Bitmagasin project define the top level breakdown of the project into phases with a specific end date.
  • OperationAn operation is defined as the communication that takes place in order to make an operation on the bit repository. Examples are get and put of data. See also Atomic messaging in simple operations
  • PagingFunctionality for sending a large list of information as smaller 'pages' containing a subset of the list elements.
  • PillarA pillar consists of a specific media and infrastructure giving it specific characteristics which are used when an agreement of service levels (SLA). A pillar is defined as a representation of a copy of data that can be seen and analyzed as an individual unit at the abstract level. Related to a given BitRepository instance the pillar can either represent a Full copy pillar or a Checksum pillar. See also BitRepository pillars for more details of the specific pillars.
    • Pillar SLADescribes the pillar characteristics which needs to be defined, besides the ones defined in the RepositorySettings.
  • PrimitiveA primitive is a single request message to the system and the following replies. See also Atomic messaging in simple operations
  • SASee Statens Arkiver.
  • SBThe old danish State and University library SB and KB has since merged.
  • ServiceA continuous running component in the system.
  • SLAService Level Agreement, the contractual agreement on the operation of system components and infrastructure.
  • SpikeImplementation focused on trying out a single functionality concept, without concern for the full complexity of the feature
  • Statens ArkiverThe National Danish Archive, see The State Archives
  • Status informationSee Get Status.
  • Strategy ProjectThe strategy project analysed the feasibility of the Bitmagasin concept, and lead directly to the current project
  • TopicA Topic is a message bus Destination with zero-to-many listers for each message. See Queues and topics for details.

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