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Describes the activities which should be performed to make a release of a full system.

Message-XML and Collection-Settings release

Should be completed 2 days before the release.

  1. The message-xml and collections-settings xsds are frozen.
  2. All components are updated to work against the newest snapshot of message-xml and collection-settings.
  3. Message-xml and Collection-settings are released.

Reference code release

Should be completed 1 days before the release.

  1. The reference code is updated to run against the released Message-xml and Collection-settings.
  2. All services and pillars are deployed and tested.
  3. The reference code is released.

Release of other components

Release finishing.

  1. The individual components (pillars and webclient) are updated to run against the released reference code.
  2. The components are deployed and tested.
  3. The components are released

Release test

After release.

  1. The current unstable test system is switch to STABLE status.
  2. The current stable test system stopped so it can be used as the new unstable environment.
  3. The new collection settings are created and pushed to git.
  4. The newly released components are deployed to the new unstable environment together with the new collection-settings.
  5. A integration test is done on the deployed system, and a release test report is created at Release tests.

The system is now considered released and testand ready to be deployed to pilot and stage systems (if no Blocker issues have been found).

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