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Describes the tests needed to validate the Status functionality. This includes test of both the Status service and the status functionality on the contributing components.

The following test/verification assumes that a full reference setup has been deployed. I.e. all components in the system should be deployed and running. It also requires that the tester has access to disable one of the components that is expected to deliver status messages.

  • Check that the service reports all components report the status "OK", resulting them marked as green on the Status page of the Webclient.
  • Shutdown a status contributor and verify that its status is reported as "UNRESPONSIVE" and marked with a red color, after MaxRetries*Check Interval time. 
    1. ssh

    2. bash pillars/reference2/bin stop
  • When after a contributor has been marked as "UNRESPONSIVE" verify that an alarm message has been received by the alarm service and that the name of the unresponsive contributor is to be found in it.
  • Start the contributor that were previously shutdown, and verify that it's status changes back to "OK" on the status page.
    1. ssh 
    2. bash pillars/reference2/bin start

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