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  • Specification and protocol breakdown
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The levels of detail to investigate as part of specifing a feature.




Produce initiel feature definition

Frontpage under Protocol describing the feature in general terms.

The frontpage documentation should be written as a introduction to the functionality, so it can f.ex. be understood by somebody without prior knowledge on the project.


Define subsections 

Create the  subsections including general descriptions of the process, communication, alarm and story aspects of the feature. A first listing of the subsections should also be done, eg. create subpages for all the user stories know at this point.

This sub section headlines should not be more detailed than they could be understood by somebody with a superficial understanding of the Bitmagasin system, f.ex. a enduser.


Fill out subsections

The subsections should be enriched with concrete information. This doesn't need to be an complete specification of all the functional details, but rather an pragmatic step deeper into the definition of the functional aspects of this area. Areas of concern that have been identified, but are chosen to postpone to at later time, should be registered as new JIRA issues.

This is the most detailed level of functional information, and the target audiance here is mainly the Bitmagasin team itself.


Add operations to protocol

The XML schema defining the protocol data should be updated with the operations specifications for this functionality. Also includes adding relevant information to the Protocol documentation

The documentation written as part of this task should be understandable by end user


Specify test cases

Define acceptance criterias under the user story section, enabling definition of the acceptance tests


Update crosscutting aspects

Update the following crosscutting architectural pages:



The table below show the breakdown status for the different functionality areas. The following statuses are used:

  1. Blank: No information exists concerning the specific breakdown step
  2. Task defined: A task has been defined regarding the breakdown step
  3. In progress: The specification has started
  4. Review: The specification has been completed and is ready for review
  5. Finished

Milestone 3 goals

The specification work planned to be part of milestone 3 are written in dark blue. The rest of the specification will be finished after this milestone.

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