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The procedure for creating a releasing of the Bitrepository system.
We use Mavens release functionality for the system.


  1. Check that all issues marked for inclusion in the release are resolved.
  2. That the status of the build is green.
  3. Create a directory to make release the code from:
    mkdir release-X.X.X
  4. Checkout the code to this directory:
    cd release-X.X.X
    svn co .
  5. Verify that the relevant build steps work correctly:
    mvn clean deploy site-deploy
  6. Prepare the release.
    mvn release prepare
    This will (see the release plugin documentation for details):
    1. Run all tests.
    2. Verify that all dependencies are versioned (not snapshots).
    3. Updated all pom to release version (will ask for the version number).
    4. Commit and tag the updated poms (will ask for tag).
    5. Update poms to next snapshot version (will ask for version).
    6. Commit the updated poms.
  7. Perform the release.
    mvn release:perform
    This will (see the release plugin documentation for details):
    1. Checkout the released version
    2. Generates and deploy the main, test, javadoc and source jars to the Nexus release repository.
    3. Generates and deploys the projects Maven site to the webdav server.
  8. Write release notes. Use the release notes template.
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