Released: 2016-02-15


The focus for this release is bug fixing and addition of new integrity checks.

The 1.7 release have known issues when migrating from earlier versions. To avoid this use Reference system release.


This is mainly a bugfix release, see detailed change log at the bottom of the page.

  • Service databases now store timestamps as UTC, which should root out issues connected to summertime to wintertime changes.
  • The protocol version has been updated to ensure that components share unambiguous timestamps.
  • Integrity service have a new workflow for randomly checking files by requesting salted checksums.

Updating from 1.6

  • Reference pillars needs to have their databases migrated. Checksum database with checksumDB3to4Migration.sql and Auditcontributor database with auditContributorDBUpdate4to5.sql
  • Integrity service needs to have its databases migrated. Auditcontributor with auditContributorDBUpdate4to5 and integritydb with integrityDB6to7migration.sql
  • Alarm service needs to have its database migrated, using alarmServiceDB3to4migration.sql
  • Audit trail service needs to have its database migrated, using auditTrailServiceDBUpdate5to6.sql


List of issues resolved in this release

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